Unify your landscape of diverse IT architectures seamlessly with the AE Union solutions. Because we build platform that will help you to save time and money by bringing our software to streamline data flow, resolve information silos, minimize workforce, and enable automated data exchange. We perform the detailed planning necessary to ensure successful deployments while maintaining constant support and outreach for an optimized environment. Our experience and expertise in Systems Integration use a pragmatic approach to build IT infrastructure that ensures technology is aligned with your business purposes no matter the size and nature of your organization, through every stage of any transformation initiative.

Our complete suite of integration services includes:

  1. Horizontal Integration: Horizontal integration uses a subsystem that works as the single interface between all the subsystems, ensuring there is just one interface so that there is no consequence of replacing a subsystem. In some circumstances, all subsystems are affected with different interfaces and data in place.
  2. Vertical Integration: More specifically, vertical integration takes place when a company takes over control of different production or distribution stages of the value chain process until a product or a service is created.
  3. Common Data Format: This SI format helps the system avoid adapter conversion to connect to and from the different formats of the applications.
  4. Star Integration: This is sometimes called Spaghetti Integration as it connects subsystems to different multiple subsystems so they are all connected and resemble a star shape.

AE Union is a reliable partner for hundreds of businesses in Azerbaijan and has long list of successfully implemented unique and comprehensive “turn-key” solutions. AE Union extensive system integration and complex business automation experience mainly focuses in these sectors of economy:

  • Financial institutions and banks;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Construction;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Trade and services;
  • Government institutions and private companies.

As a system integrator AE Union is well known by:

  • Availability of consultants, analytics, engineering and technical staff, production and technical facilities;
  • Experience in implementation of various scale projects, using equipment of various manufacturers;
  • Own developments, both on equipment and software;
  • Finding most cost-effective and customer-tailored solution within the client’s budget, meeting all existing needs and enabling growth forecast;
  • Providing clients with several alternative solutions;
  • Structuring business-processes, developing integrated information systems concept for companies with various levels and complexity of information flow;
  • Ensuring comprehensive approach to the development of telecommunications and information systems of various scale, performing all kinds of works in the course of developing and operating communications system;
  • Performing technical audit of telecommunication, processing, data storage and quality power management systems and providing recommendations for further development;
  • Performing pre-design studies, establishing system requirements;
  • Drafting technical terms and requirements, engineering, design, supply of equipment and communication tools, integrating equipment from various manufacturers into single system, installation and startup works, turn-key solutions and training the customer’s staff;
  • Professional service, warranty and post-warranty support;
  • Ensuring high quality works and services.

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