The efficiency of IT equipment and systems depends on reliable, intelligent and uninterruptible power supply. AE Union’s solutions assure our customers that they will get a system, which will meet their capacity, reliability, and availability needs. We design, build, and maintain your UPS project to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter what kind of devices are used by clients, whether they’re implementing telecommunication devices or automatic equipment that getting power from electric substation, or IT devices, server rooms, administrative building, mobile systems that work on AC (Alternating Current), or supplying power protection for small, or large data centers; health care facilities or other large environments, AE Union provides various UPS that are truly “best in class”, which will be your superb source for essential power infrastructure to ensure up-time and safeguard data.

Working in close partnership with the world’s 4 leading companies such as APC by Schneider Electric from France, Artronic from Turkey allows us to design the most appropriate projects that will provide modern and the best solutions for medium to high complexity UPS needs. Our professional experts receive advanced training from certified trainers of above-mentioned leading companies, so you can be assured of a quality, efficient support at any service you use.


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